PEOPLE: Bring together and unify the fragmented Immigration+Tech community
PROBLEMS: Educate participants on the biggest issues faced by immigrants today, and how the US immigration system became so broken
SOLUTIONS: Produce meaningful new ideas that utilize technology and creative legal/regulatory hacks to create an even playing field for immigrants.

 (Need some inspiration? Check out Immigration Startup Ideas)



Friday Night Speaker Panel

  • Todd Shulte (Executive Director at,
  • Sameer Khedekar (Partner at Pearl Law Group),
  • Dario Mutabdzija (CEO of Blueseed),
  • Eric Swalwell (Congressman),
  • and Michael Serotte (Serotte Law)

Fireside Chat with Mentors

  • Tri Tran, CEO of Munchery
  • Silver Keskküla, Co-founder at Teleport
  • Nikhil Aitharaju, Co-founder at Tint
  • Michael Serotte, Founding Partner of Serotte Law Firm, LLC

Meetings and Workshops

  • Rapid prototyping with POP (+ PRO plan for free)
  • Hi Fidelity with (full featured trial, free for 90 days)
  • Real time apps with Firebase
  • Social Data and API’s



JUSTICE. The course of our lives is largely determined by the country, culture, and socioeconomic status that we were all randomly born into. Immigration is a solution to this “unjust lottery”, and a better immigration system will lead to a better world. Like diversity, it is not easy to achieve or manage, but it is worthwhile and benefits everyone.
SACRIFICE. The one thing that unites all immigrants is the willingness to give up everything in order to attain a better life than the one they were born into, be they skilled or unskilled, documented or undocumented. Immigration is not a zero-sum game — Rather than bicker over which people get a slice of the pie, we should focus on working together to bake a pie big enough for everyone.
HISTORY. The US was built on immigration, and we as a country cannot forget who we are or where we came from. Every non-Native American person in this country is only here thanks to their immigrant ancestors who came before them, and it is only right that we give others today that same opportunity.

Join us on May 29 and let's help bring back the American Dream, together.

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You don’t have to be an immigrant to participate, but you must be passionate about wanting to help mend this broken system, because immigration is about more than simply moving between two countries.


Your product has to be in the immigration space (think Teleborder, BridgeUS, Teleport). Take a look at the list of ideas we have put together with Unshakled VC Fund for inspiration. 

How to enter

Special promo code for ChallengePost participants. Get your ticket on Eventbrite.


Find more information at our official event page.




Dan Raile

Dan Raile
Staff Reporter at PandoDaily

Nitin Pachisia

Nitin Pachisia
Founding Partner at Unshackled

James Richards

James Richards
Co-founder & CEO of Teleborder (YC S13)

Romish Badani

Romish Badani
Co-founder & CEO of Bridge US

Judging Criteria

  • Customer Validation (does the business have a good understand customers and their needs)
    did the team got out and talked to customers? were the people interviewed properly chosen? does the team understand the needs of the users?
  • Execution & Design
    Does the MVP reflect the feedback from mentors and users? is there a prototype? how effective is the MVP for a weekend of work? is it easy to use? appealing?
  • Business Model (is this business feasible)
    Is a unique idea? is there a value proposition? do they know how to make it a successful business? have they identified competition? target market? how will they acquire customers?

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